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love of shoes & being called ultimate scenester!

upon journal jumping, i once again fell myself drooling over a wide array of vegan shoes. i am in love with these imparticular. i'm also in love with these. this has been a random week thus far. i am sick again out of NOWHERE. last night i took paul out to green ginger in celebration of this big project he worked on being a huge success. the food was good, but pricey. tuesday night i saw sin city, which i think i liked more than ginny & michael combined. anyways, i was pretty much just gaga for the way it looked, more so than the plot, which actually tripped me up a bit with timeline being out of order. today i went to my first la bamba burritos and was less than impressed. meh. a friend just emailed me saying why she'd been MIA for so long and it was because she has started working at the full shilling in wrigleyville. huh!? oh yeah, today i ordered some more riso bulbs for the gocco from dick blick since i am one screen away from being out and i need them to put together my sampler contribution! mayhaps i'll work on that tonight while watching the o freakin' c!

to end on another random note: check out the teenbeat shows reviewed by popmatters, in which i get called "ultimate scenester" as well as JM getting called a "greasy guy". hah! seriously, ROFL! ginny showed me that article awhile back and i didn't remember about it until i was talking to dominic on the phone back from syracuse.
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