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"the sun goes down...what does she hide behind?"

you would think that i would want to listen to belle & sebastian immediately after the show, right? cos usually that's my routine. go to an awesome show. listen to b&s, but tonight wasn't like that. on the drive home after the show [then afterparty], i listened to dntel. and now i am listening to this eiffel tower - panorama, brooklyn on repeat. download it *now*. seriously. ever since i saw the video for this song online i became infatuated with the song. once i start playing it, it gets looped. over + can see the video that turned me onto them here.

where to begin. tonight i saw belle & sebastian for the fourth time [the third time on this tour]. it was amazing. yep, for me, it was the best i've seen them. wow. onwards + upwards. roughly two point five hours ago i was dancing next to the fabulous alison wolfe + her cute cute boyfriend, janet weiss, and . . . stuart murdoch! I AM SUCH A NERD. i called popscene to tell him i was right next to janet and he didn't even REACT! i was sad. since i'm not a big sleater-kinney fan it wasn't a big deal to me. i was dancing so spastically i'm sure i fit in! wow. i want to say for the record that stuart + stevie are both great dancers! um. yea. they all headed to kingpin after the metro cafe closed and i was invited to come along, but i thought to myself, "this night could not possibly get any better than it already is so i'm outta here!" and poof, i was home.

ps. [is it called ms if it's in the middle?] my favourite quote of all tonight was from janet weiss. when everyone was trying to figure out where to go after the metro cafe closed, she was like, "what about the black cat?" then there was a pause and someone said, "kingpin," and janet again said, "what about the black cat?" hee. but it was closed. my least favourite quote of the day was when the owner/manager whoever of the velvet lounge was talking with cute violinist [olly?] of b&s and said, "you want pot? i have pot. we can go smoke it in the alley. we can't smoke it in the club." sad.

anyways, i saw so many lovely kids tonight. i can't even list all the LJers i saw. it was a madhouse! most noteable was shannon [symptom who rules + lives practically down the street from me + i rarely see her] + lalalaini [duh]. random ppl: alec from anne summers [who i hadn't seen in almost a year - has it really been that long?], tom, alex, chris, niko, martin, vilkas, erin carlsonics, cheryl, carlos wornthin, etc. i can't name all the names of all the ppl i saw. it would take forever. it was scenester paradise! kinda like a gangsta paradise but with a bunch of scrawny white kids in clothes that cost than their belle & sebastian tickets. wait. it was nothing like a gangsta paradise. coolio wasn't there.

my morningstar farms breakfast strips are calling out from the fridge "you know you want a fackon sandwich!" however, the book i'm reading [our noise by jeff gomez] is calling my name too. it's sooo unbearably bad, but i can't put it down. must. read. more. about. stupid. indierockers. cheating. on. eachother. after. superchunk. show. yes. it. wins.

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