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go team leigh!

as of april 1st, i will be a salaried employee here at the law office! peter and i had a short chat immediately after he had a chat with the SOD. afterwards, i took diana's (lj user="artemiswinter"> advice and went to marshall field's to look for something to buy paul's parents as a gift for letting us stay there. i ended up eating lunch in the cafeteria on the 7th floor and then buying them an assorted box of frango chocolates. i sent paul off on a search for 3 vodka, which our own miss liz girlvii designed the label for. if he succeeds in buying some, then we'll have two gifts to bear. i'm really not sure what to expect of rochester, since i've never been there, but i am bringing 3 books and 6 movies and my laptop! i also plan on working on the design for my first contribution to the sampler! so far i've run the idea by a few people and they think it's good, so i'm going with it. :) despite being woken up twice (once last night, once this morning), i feel pretty good right now, though i am not sure i am going to be able to stay awake on the long ride to rochester tonight. paul will meet me downtown and we'll take the el out to o'hare to pick up my rental car. then we'll come back, pick up our stuff, and then poof, we're on the road!

RE: rilo kiley
madflowr (2:23:03 PM): i have a couple albums but rarely listen to them
thelilhospital (2:23:08 PM): yeah, or the first song on their new album.
thelilhospital (2:23:13 PM): i like that one.
madflowr (2:23:16 PM): oh yeah i keep forgetting to listen to that!
madflowr (2:23:17 PM): hah
thelilhospital (2:23:22 PM): only because she sings "asshole" in a cute way.

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