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print gocco project: jason anderson postcards!

me, in my new glasses after printing something like 80 postcards altogether...

covering up paul's floor

i screened two on each page, because i suck at fractions, apparently.

detail of the postcard

no, seriously, really they are new glasses. see...grey, not brown!

tonight was really productive. i watched ALIAS while ironing (setting) some of the jason anderson shirts. then i went to meet ginny treefort, adam whoisadam, jennifer, rachel hotpursuit (who i picked up and brought), jenny hellojenny, sarah, michael concept_engine, and dave perezident at earwax. PHEW! LJ NAME WRITING EXHAUSTION! afterwards, i went back to paul's, scrapped my original idea that diana artemiswinter witnessed me staying late at work finishing, and drew up a new design and then fired up the gocco and made these postcards, which i thought would be a really cool idea for jason to take on tours with him. anyways, let me know what you think! i actually got the idea of taking lyrics and doing a comic type thing along with them from mandaroo explodere. i think i might run with this project in the future though, the different take on her idea. wink wink! anyways, the lyric is from "when will you say?" which is one of my favorite songs of jason's. any chicagoans who might randomly stumble upon this, you should come see jason at texas ballroom tonight 3/24. he is le sigh worthy!
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