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a good easter gift to give...heifer, international

in my frantic search to try to find a gift to get my family for easter, i remembered natalia's thoughtful gift to her mother from heifer international and i bought two "gifts of chicks" for my family. it's an amazing organization that, instead of only giving food to hungry people in the world, actually provides these people animals and training with which to both feed themselves and to generate income by selling products that come from the animals. they also instill the 'pay it forward' method in the people they help, so that when a family has gotten back completely on their feet, that they give an animal away to another family in need. yeah, i'm pretty psyched on it. plus, right now, they are part of a Million Dollar Match program, that means every amount will be matched to the dollar. anyways, i think it's great. you should check heifer international out for yourself.
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