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"i sort of feel like a lion..."

so, in lieu of doing anything productive today, after doing a few productive things, ginny and i decided that, yes indeed, we were going to cook a thanksgiving dinner. i warn you, my vegetarian & vegan friends, that the following post includes a close up shot of the turkey i prepared and the carving process. just giving you guys a heads up, but also...THERE ARE AWESOME PHOTOS OF FRIENDS, most of whom have LJS! omg!

the bird in all its' rosemary covered goodness

the spread (rye bread, turkey, stuffing, creamed onions, green beans, green peas, gravy, mashed potatoes, shitake & cremini mushrooms, and more stuffing)

rachel hotpursuit

becky beckyg

paul yespants (hasn't updated in ages)

adam whoisadam & brendan

ginny treefort

dave perezident, carving

natalia internautte, not taken today, but she cooked a million meals this week

a kitchen filled with friends
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