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i really, and i do mean really hope the march sampler is in my mailbox tonight! seeing everyone post theirs on samplersampler is making me jealous! this will be the first sampler i actually get, so i'm doubly excited! i plan on submitting for the june sampler, but i'm still trying to figure out what, since i've got a lot of projects in mind. oh, bother!

natalia told me put this photo up with the instructions: CAPTION CONTEST

the best answer will win an lj commented story by natalia and i.

this weekend was JAM PACKED with activity , while usually my weekends are nowhere near that crazy. i think natalia internautte just brings that out in me, or rather, we bring it out in each other! friday night, i think paul and i went to happy village and rounded up some troops. the next morning we woke up and checked to see if nat's flights was on time. after checking the website and calling independence, it was confirmed to be FIVE HOURS LATE, so we kind of shrugged it off, went to target in rosemont or thereabouts to buy baby clothes/cute packaging and then went to the first birthday party of his co-worker's daughter, grace. it was interesting. i've never really gone to anything like it before. i felt really grown up in a scary way. afterwards, paul and i decided to drive around scenic des plaines and i got a call from nat saying she was on the runway at o'hare and that their flight had only been 30 minutes late. w the f!? anyways, we pick her up, take sidestreets home so she can see a few different neighborhoods and head straight to eat polish food, then go back and watch a terrible movie at paul's called warm summer rain and then go to happy village and join a huge crew! on saturday, paul and i woke up natalia and michael concept_engine early and amazingly, ginny was even awake, so we all went to breakfast super early and then went to play frisbee, watched a little girl feed ducks and geese at humboldt park and then went to the garfield park conservatory. we dropped off ginny and paul drove michael back to lincoln square while natalia and i walked around wicker park to get tea and scones while waiting for paul to get back and then we went to get thai food. SO, it was an amazing weekend, so we finished it by watching exorcist: the beginning at paul's, which was lame, while natalia and i both worked on laptops; her on movies, myself on a huge file list i've been putting together for work.

polish triangle restaurant at division & ashland (for lack of the real name)

breakfast: huck finn's donut shop
tea: aion teahouse
dinner: thai village
dessert: cake made at paul's by natalia and i

food is so good! tonight nat and i went to think cafe! mm mm! SO, freakin' good. then we went to jewel to prepare for the feast of food that natalia is going to make us! speaking of food, i am planning on continuing my sleeve of deliciousness!

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