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shelvy shelves

above is a photo i just took of an itty bitty part of my itty bitty room, which is still not completely painted, so i'll wait to do a full reveal. tonight both ginny and i were deflated when we realized the o.c. was a rerun, so she put together 1/3 of the shoe rack i got yesterday and i put together the other 2/3 and put it outside in a temporary home. then i did dishes, talked to natalia internautte (btw, boys and girls, she is looking for nice, new lj friends, so i suggest you add her, because she is the cherry bomb) for a good hour or so and worked on getting my room in further order. i will once again say that i love the container store. seriously, it's mind blowing how perfect a store it is for an ocd gurlee like me. mm. now i should sleep and dream of tiny little boxes just for paperclips and ones specifically for storing 4" x 6" photographs and stackers for all of the craft supplies i've been accumulating lately! wahey! i feel like tomorrow i'll get a lot done at work.
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