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"i do believe you are blushing..." / make-out party #6

i didn't really take the time to post anything about my weekend back home, so i figured i'd type something up in the beginning of my lunch break. paul and i flew into dulles late last wednesday night and took a cab back to my house. we had an amazing old armenian cabbie who we talked with about films and life philosophies. this guy was straight out of a movie! i ended up talking to my mom until late o'clock and then went through my file cabinet at home and got rid of a bunch of junk papers. the next morning i slept in late (so cool), ate bits of this and that, went to see hotel rwanda, which every single one of you, my lj friends, should see. later i made my way through the snow to pick up niko in arlington and then headed to the black cat. ginny's post about her weekend talked about how i was glowing when i walked into the black cat. all of these people approached me, most of which i hadn't seen in ages, some of them i hadn't seen in over a was amazing. i had a huge grin affixed to my face that night and the next night. it was so wonderful getting to see christa nogoodnik and michael, kathryn and fritz, amoung others. man! i missed dc even when i was standing there watching the show onstage, just knowing that i could traipse to the bar or downstairs and find tom or black cat staffers chuck or chad, cesar or any number of dc faces i'd missed. i haven't really made that connection here with staff at venues like i did in dc. i think most people share this sentiment, but i love being doted on and spoiled and hugged by friends and i got so much of that in dc. the shows were a lot of fun. i am supremely glad i got to see unrest, since i'd never seen them before they broke up. the set was a wee bit too short, but so worth it. versus were great too. i missed most of aden's set because i was downstairs in the red room. i just freakin' love dc, however, there are still a number of reasons chicago is infinitely a better town for me.

onwards to MAKE-OUT PARTY was amazing (i say amazing A LOT). i mean, seriously, amazing. almost everyone who said they would come out came out. the spiv didn't, not like i was really expecting him to, but he did take a pin, listened to me describe it, and tell me he would try to come. either way, the place was packed! i'd say somewhere around 150 showed up to the diver city house that night. the keg that was bought ended up being really expensive and since i flew to dc, i really had to re-coup the expenses i had from buying all the food that i did, but i still had money to pay out the bands. for the next event, i have to figure out a way that only those who donate get to drink, because the keg was tapped (again) by 11. a number of people overdonated and even the freakin' bands donated, but i believe i know who was responsible for drinking most of the keg and they didn't even put in a dime. yep, i'm kind of bitter because i would have liked to have paid the bands more than i ended up paying them.

the MIX CD / MIX TAPE SWAP was awesome! a total of THIRTY mixes got swapped, which is INCREDIBLE! i was kind of worried early on when there were only about 10 people who had put mixes in the box. i think that's something i need to work out next time too. i'm going to write a mix swap tutorial/faq type thing so that everyone makes some kind of an attempt at packaging their mix so that the people who spent hours designing theirs don't get jipped (sp?) and so that everyone has a way to at least figure out what songs are on a mix. anyways, it was great. i can't wait for the next one which is MAY 7TH! all the bands are booked. i'm still looking for one or two singer songwriters to play the next one though, so i'm going to wait until i have the entire bill set until i post it.

in leigh's reading news: as soon as i finished baby plays around, alex hooked me up with the new banana yoshimoto novella, hard boiled and hard luck and it's probable date of being pressed is JULY 2005! i pounced on it tuesday and i finished it last night. it's one of my lesser faves of her books, but there are some very heart-hitting passages that just blow me away. she has this way of sculpting words (i suppose that her translator is due some thanks; thanks!), that just wrap themselves around my head. re: baby plays around: EVERYONE WHO IS A MUSIC FIEND SHOULD READ THAT BOOK! holy heck, it was well written, name drops a hell of a lot of bands that I LOVE and yoinks, she even hangs out with brian tighe from the hang ups and talks about him BLUSHING, which i saw him do (albeit, years ago). this book is cheap on amazon marketplace. my copy was about a dollar. either way, seriously, read it. it was great. it parallels a girl's life as a drummer in a band just starting out with the relationship she has with her husband. so. very. good. enough talking, now i must eat.

just kidding! i'll write a few good things first:
encylopedia of an ordinary life - i'm about to start that
whole foods rice crispy treats
cancelling my ebay credit card finally
regenie's crunchy pita chips (bare naked)
the container store (oh, heart heart heart!)

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