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teenbeat tunes & make-out party reviewed!

last night was amazing and completely worth my plane ticket home. i saw so many people at the black cat that i hadn't seen on previous trips home. i had some amazing talks downstairs in the red room, which led me to actually miss everyone's set except for eggs and unrest. unrest was just incredible and the feeling in the room was just pure joy during their set. mm! so, i saw fritz and kathryn and kathryn told me that fritz had written about make-out party in the free version of the washington post given out at metro stations as well as online.

here's fritz hahn's write up: (taken from here).

"Here's a night for people who want to take a chance on new music: The on-again, off-again Make-Out Party is returning to Arlington, with five bands and a mix-tape (or mix-CD) exchange. Make your own mix and bring it to the Diver City House (scene of many punk and indie-rock shows), where you can trade with other music fans after checking out local bands like Circle Gets the Square and singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn. Admission is $6 ($4 if you bring a mix to trade); the music starts at 8; and the trading begins around 10. Diver City is located at 882 N. Harrison St."

i'm wondering if this write up will bring out too many people. erk!? i guess we'll just wait and see. either way, i am super psyched for it! currently i've got two batches of brownies baking and paul and i are going to work on our mixes and i'm going to finish the banner. i feel really thankful for everything i have and i'm really going to attempt a change in my outlook and not let meaningless things get to me anymore since seeing hotel rwanda yesterday and it blowing my mind. if you have yet to see it you should really do yourself a favor and go see it. i cannot even begin to fathom why it is not up for best picture, as it is the most impactful film i have seen in years.
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