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wonderful, wonderful

tonight i celebrated valentine's day with someone i love for the first time since high school, i do believe. i realized that j. was dumping me on valentine's day a few years back, so it's just amazing to have something positive happening around this time of year. i left work at 5 on the dot and went straight to jewel to pick up some last minute things. i tried to catch a bus or a cab back to my place to no avail so i ended up walking to north & damen and then taking the damen bus south. i ran upstairs to grab a change of clothes for work tomorrow, so i will be able to see paul off tomorrow morning and then snooze until the absolute last minute. i took a moment to open the packages i received; a v-day card from paul's parents, a mix cd from the mix trade april put together, and two books that had been on my amazon wishlist forever that i just caved and bought from the marketplace: baby plays around and branded: the buying and selling of teenagers. i'm looking forward to these, especially since i am going to finish here kitty kitty tonight.

i grabbed stuff from my place, went to paul's, kissed him in the kitchen, traded gifts (for him: pins i got made from my my; one that said i ♥ paul and one that said i ♥ leigh. for me: a really sweet card, a box of chocolate, and a gift certificate to target), made him go downstairs to keep the dinner process secret/allow him to finish work stuff

for dinner i... 1) made a salad (bleu cheese, walnut, pear, tomato and raspberry vinagrette), 2) sauteed (in olive oil) garlic, portabella mushrooms, green peppers, broccoli, spinach, and tomato and mixed it with linguine fini, 3) put a loaf of bread in the oven and threw pepper, garlic salt, and oregano in olive oil, microwaved a bar of bittersweet ghiradelli chocolate, washed & dried off strawberries and then dipped them into the chocolate and put them on tinfoil and then into the fridge. after stuffing ourselves, our friend brendan called and seemed kind of down so we told him to come over and we watched we don't live here anymore, which really is not a valentine's day movie, but oh well. after it was over, brendan left and paul and i finished up bits of projects we were working on and now i am going to finish reading that book and then spooning my boy. today was a good day!

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