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i'd rather dance with erlend oye!

there's a party @ len's (texas ballroom) tonight and everyone should drop by!

oh yes and while on the topic of the texas ballrom, i got jason anderson a show there:

Thursday, March 24th - Chicago, IL @ the Texas Ballroom
Jason Anderson w/ Goodnight Sweethearts, Swimmer Missing

i know it's kind of awhile from now, but put it on yr calendar, as i expect all of my chicago friends to come out, since it's the first show i've booked in chicago and it is FREAKIN' JASON ANDERSON who is the epitome of everything good in music.

jeffy b. (formerly glueslabs, currently blogging here) is going to be in town because we are going to see slint! originally i had bought tix to the thursday show, which is indeed the night of jason's show, which simply would not do, so i bought friday night tix to slint off a craigslister and now i still have two thursday slint tickets. anyone want to go who still has not bought tix? i will cut you a deal on them if so. i just need to get rid of them now. YARG!

out of the things i had on my to do list last night i did not a one. scratch that - i did one thing off that list but it was watching the o.c. after leaving work a little late i decided i didn't have time to go to the post office, so i went to nailpro to get my eyebrows waxed. i signed my name on the clipboard and stood in the corner waiting to be addressed and then a woman walked in acting like she owned the place and signed her name on the board and they addressed her immediately and asked her what she wanted done, even though no one had asked me. i wait about 10 more minutes, realize that this is ridiculous and skulk off. sometimes i feel like a ghost in retail type settings. maybe it's because i haunted a retail store as an assistant manager for so long i just blend in. either way, it sucks because i hadn't got a wax job, i decided that i had to put off the passport photo since it will be with me for the next 10 years, i want it to be a good one.

i got home, watched part of this crazy corey haim fans only video from the 80's that ginny recently got, decided i did not want to lose anymore braincells watching him talk about the boring things we had just seen him do, and went to lay down. i switched into pj bottoms and came out to watch the o.c. and afterwards i asked ginny to switch to ondemand, which paul b. had told me was a channel where there were tons of free movies/shows to watch (as well as ones you have to pay for). we discovered two channels where you could choose to watch a great number of music videos by BANDS THAT WE ACTUALLY LIKE! holy crap! we watched a ton. the most notable in my opinion (by far) was the kings of convenience 'i'd rather dance' video (which you can watch here). i literally almost died. i watched it three times and just watched it again. even though erlend oye was kind of a freak when we saw him dj, this video cancels out that awkward hug across the table and the kiss on the cheek (instead of taking a photobooth picture w/me). okay, see for yrself. here is a stillframe from it:

so, if anyone is really crafty and wants to somehow get me a copy of that piece of paper he's showing them, i would pretty much give you anything! in any case, we watched that video and ones from futureheads, liars, moving units (yawny video, but the bassist went to gmu), darkest hour (gmu represent again!), goldfrapp (and they had like gf videos), muse, delgados (the most boring music video i have seen in years) etc. anyways, i was in heaven since i am a fool for music videos since they combine my love of music and my love of film. mm. afterwards, i straightened up the apartment, changed a lightbulb (2nd in a week), and did all the dishes in the sink, ripped a few albums to my laptop then to my ipod, and watched hgtv before i went to sleep.

good paul thing:
heavensignal (9:46:56 AM): i love you more than wifeswap and OC combined
madflowr (9:52:11 AM): oh man.
madflowr (9:52:18 AM): that is some kind of love
madflowr (9:52:40 AM): but from you it would mean more to say, "i love you more than deathstalker & laserdiscs combined!"
heavensignal (9:53:01 AM): well that just wouldn't be true.
heavensignal (9:53:12 AM): KIDDING! OMG WTF BRB LOL ROFL

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