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i'll be the first to admit that i love a good love story on film, but that i often see romantic comedies in the desperate hopes that there will be a good love story there, only to have that hope smashed to bits. so, last night becky and i went to see 'the wedding date' and i literally had no hopes for it whatsoever. we both ended up leaving the theatre charmed. it was a sincerely sweet and funny film that actually had some wise advice. i even thought the chemistry between debra messing and dermot mulroney was there! it's definitely a solid chick flick! i kind of wish i'd seen it with my mom though. i miss seeing movies with my mom. we'd often sneak out for a 9 or 10pm show at the amc hoffman. oh, yeah, i just remembered that i forgot her birthday was monday. i mean, i'd already sent a present to the house that i had wrapped, so i think in my mind i was thinking, "check!" and then wrote it off, but i forgot to call her! cripes! got to fix that later today!
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