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i don't care what anyone says: moby is my boyfriend. this new album is absolutely brilliant. karyn just brought it over and we're at track 6. 18 is like the love child of 'play' and 'everything is wrong' so it's great. yum! i liked 'everything is wrong' way more than 'play'. er. now i am just gabbing. it is my b-day! i will forever remember that i was frosting cupcakes when it ticked over to midnight on my bday. i guess that's a good thing. anyhow, i've got my day planned for tomorrow. wake up relatively early, eat the pasta remaining in my fridge, go to baltimore, go to the aquarium, go to the soundgarden, see 764-HERO @ ottobar, come home. i don't think i've ever spent an entire birthday by myself, but i'm actually looking forward to it.
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