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mix: straight from the record collections of my exes

so! i just finally finished my mix for april understandish's awesome mix trade! i hadn't invested much time thinking about it and then i finally came up with a theme at about midnight:

straight from the record collections of my exes:

01 | radiohead - let down*
02 | adorable - homeboy
03 | secret shine - loveblind
04 | rocketship - friendships and love
05 | american football - you know i should be leaving soon
06 | dismemberment plan - the city*
07 | should - spangle (wedding present cover)
08 | damien jurado - ohio
09 | bright eyes - a perfect sonnet
10 | songs: ohia - lioness
11 | kyle fischer - just one more day*
12 | dakota suite - close enough to tears
13 | pale horse and rider - bruises like badges
14 | aarktica - ocean*
15 | beat happening - indian summer
16 | the books - getting the done job
17 | mirah - we're both so sorry*
18 | manual - midnight is where the day begins

since i'm at paul's i only had access to the music i've been throwing onto my computer (and then my ipod), so it was a tad limiting. i had to double up on songs for a couple of exes, since i had no blonde redhead for m.w. and god knows what for b.t. i did what i could, but it still works and it's chronological even. the ones with the * by them are songs that my ex didn't turn me onto, just songs that harbor deep memories for one. a photo will be coming shortly, but for some reason it's not letting me log onto my ftp server. grr. it's back. the pic is now there. :)
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