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a google image search meme seen on jamie's lj

Go to for this one. Type in your answers to the questions below, then post the first image result (or first postable one if the first pic is down or something).

1. First Car:

(mine was navy blue)

2. Place you grew up:

3. Place you live now:

4. What shows up when you type your name in:

5. What comes up when you type your grandmother's name in:


6. Favorite food:

onion tempura maki rolls did not come up, so oh well. :)

7. Favorite drink:

8. Favorite song:

a reminder</a>

9. Favorite smell:</b>

well, my fave smell is 'sweet kisses', a fragrance that i found at a stand in springfield mall. they closed down and a new fragrance stand opened in its' place. i have never been able to find the same scent again. it's like a mix of strawberries and sugar. i'm getting desperate and might take it to one of those places that duplicates scents because, yes, it smells that good and i only have like .002 ounces left in the jar. how much are those places? i'd like to get another little jar. any good places you know of in VA or DC to do this? it's in one of those little roller jar things.

10. Most favorite pair of shoes ever:

yeah, i'm still a sucker for them though they definitely could stand to make more shoes not made of leather.
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