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today is my mom and dad's 35th wedding anniversary!

this weekend paul and i went to think cafe to celebrate the project he's been working for months on going live, watched laws of attraction, played cranium and phase 10, watched kiss the girls, the terminal, and the beginning of the forgotten. yesterday morning he woke up feeling mega sick, so i played nurse (don't let yr dirty mind play tricks on you), cooking, cleaning, medicating, and making the boy comfortable. basically, he could have become sick through any number of people he's been around in the past few weeks, including three who were darn sick (including moi). my baby is taking a day off today to rest up. we'll see how he feels today. i didn't accomplish anything major on my to do list this weekend, but hopefully i'll be able to check off some boxes next weekend including painting the trim in the kitchen, painting my bedroom, learning how to use my print gocco, mail out a gazillion late or soon to be late packages (including manda, susie, the mix cd trade, paul's aunt, etc.).

ladies, do any of you take vitamins? for what? do they help? i'm looking into buying a daily women's vitamin, but i really know very little about them. i spoke with diana about it, but i'd like to hear yr opinions. i was at whole foods just staring at all of them and i was overwhelmed. help!

last week i listened to anne summers a lot since putting them on my ipod. there are a few songs that i would just LOVE to cover. yes, i am yours in nerdiness.
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