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the o.c., ups, and me

one. 19 days into the new year and ginny and me finished watching the o.c. season one in its' entirety. me being home sick with the flu the first week of the new year helped me zoom ahead for awhile, but then ginny spent a day and a half watching it this past weekend and she caught up. tonight we watched the last three episodes together and for the SECOND time, i wound up crying to the conclusion (mostly thanks to the audio being jeff buckley's 'hallelujah'). his version really just wraps 'round my heart and tugs at the strings.

two. i hate ups leaps and bounds more than any other package delivery service. i'm doing a street syndicate promotion tomorrow (tonight, eek!) and they tried delivering my promo materials to my apt on monday, but i am not there during the day, so i had the address changed to my work. they messed it up and tried delivering one package to work before 8:30 a.m. (when no one is there) and the other to my apt. again. smrt! the person i spoke with on the phone could not guarantee delivery of the package by 5pm tomorrow to my work, which is when i must leave in time to go home, eat dinner, watch THE O.C. and get to double door a bit after (i'm assuming) door time (8pm). SO, i decided to go to the shipping center to pick it up. turns out you can only go between 7:30 and 9:00 pm and they didn't even open the doors at 7:30 so there were a handful of us outside freezing to be let in. after waiting somewhere around an hour (1/2 of american idol, 1/2 of point pleasant on their big screen tv there), they call my address out and the guy wants me to sign for one package. i tell him there should be another package and he takes the one package back and won't let me take it. i wait another 20 minutes and he calls my address out again and i sign for the one package and he explains the other is still on the truck and they didn't grab it when they grabbed package #1 off it, so i would have to wait until tomorrow for it to be delivered. i told him that i needed it for my job tomorrow night and asked if it was guaranteed and he would not answer me. GO TEAM UPS or TEAM OOPS if you will. this is, let's count, the 4th time i've had problems with them since living in chicago (oct 2003 - jan 2005, you do the math).

three. i just finished ripping my last la buena vida cd to my harddrive, so that is my cue to hit the hay.

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