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and your mother too

WOW! i just got back from seeing 'y tu mama tambien' and it was HILARIOUS and wonderful. equal parts 'dude, where's my car?' + 'velvet goldmine' + 'road trip' + another movie i can't remember at the moment. anyways, i HIGHLY recommend it. kevin (popscene) and i made a deal that if i went to see it that he would go see monsoon wedding. i called him as soon as i left the theatre and told him i loved it. anyways, gah. dan's here and we're going to decide on another movie.

last night he came over and we watched 'happiness' that i'd taped off sundance and we got 2 hours into it and then poof, my vcr started rewinding it. so...SHIT! i never saw the whole thing. someone told me the ending, so i never finished it when i had rented it. then it got ripped off from blockbuster. blargh. anyways, very sad we are. need to rent movie to get ending. will do that this week.
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