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clean up for the alex (DO NOT LOOK AT THIS POST ALEX)

i kept saying i'd do it and i pick the least opportune time to decide to actually take and post pictures of my apartment i have resided in since july with birthday girl becky beckyg and ginny treefort. if your name is alex gardenhead do not look at this post, since i cleaned up for you! also, tonight i hooked up our answering machine and ginny and i worked hard and recorded a message. it is awesome. if you have our home phone number, you really have to call and listen/leave a msg. we are the coolest.

photos of my apartment (a long time coming)

another shot of the mantle below

what i looked like when the clean sweep was over; one dirty leigh

ps. i am most proud of the kitchen since pretty much i picked out every piece of furniture and chose the colors we painted. actually, i did that for the living room and bathroom too. why didn't i go to school for interior design? i'll never know. i suppose there is still time.
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