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make-out party dot com help?

wahey! do any of my creative and html savvy friends feel like helping me out with a few things for the make-out party website? originally i planned to do this all myself, but i just haven't had the time to sit down and do it (i know, i know even though i was home sick all last week) and with the next one approaching oh so soon (feb 26th), i just want a new site to launch. plus i have contacted april understandish (b.y.o.buttons) about getting buttons made that will promote the site.

i'm looking for the following things:
1 | a new logo (this would be used on the site and if super duper awesome, on a t-shirt i plan on getting made)
2 | a basic html template where i can plug all the data in for each of the previous and upcoming make-out party events and info
3 | a new background image(s) for the site that are cute, romantic, and/or classy

logo-wise, i would absolutely LOVE to see what you come up with. i'd give you full credit (duh) and i will work out some sort of payment/barter with you if i use the design on the t-shirts. personally, i'd love to a few ppl in particular tackle this. if you do indeed try yr hand/mouse at this, could you please so make the file a 300 dpi hi-res .tif, .gif, .jpeg file since joe of lo-fi with love needs this to churn out the highest quality t-shirts. if you have any ideas, questions, etc. email me submissions, ideas, etc. at youreinvitedtomymakeoutparty @ gmail. thanks so much for helping me out. again, you are the best of the best.

a funny p.s.: jeffy just told me that dr. dremo's was still running an advertisement in the washington city paper that listed ::CANDYFLOSS, my old dj night still on monday nights. OMG, it's been long past a year that we stopped doing that night! dur.
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