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hello. if you are reading this, then you are invited to my birthday potluck on saturday, may 11th. i'll be 23. the potluck will run from 5pm + on. bring finger food, sweets, foods to bbq, drinks, cute boys, and yrself. this potluck is the day after my bday, because on my bday i'll be in baltimore doing baltimorean things [seeing 764-HERO].

if you would like to come and do not know where i live in alexandria, virginia, then sign the comment box with yr email address, so i can send you my home address!

poor planning resulted in me scheduling this the same day that now! is moving, that les + will e are djing at signal 66 [during the matinee records show], that niko is playing the magnetic fields cover band show at someone's house, and the same day as cornershop @ 9:30 club. oh well. come for few nibbles and a few giggles. or stay for the whole sloppy thing.
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