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leigh's top 20 albums of 2004

i keep changing this around the more and more i look at it, so i figure once i actually POST it, it will remain in proverbial stone. descriptions to come later!

+ top albums of 2004 +
01 | jason anderson - new england (k)
02 | modest mouse - good news for people who love bad news (epic)
03 | tilly and the wall - wild like children (team love)
04 | hayden - elk lake serenade (badman)
05 | julie doiron - goodnight nobody (jagjaguwar)
06 | mirah - c'mon miracle (k)
07 | pedro the lion - achilles heel (jade tree)
08 | lali puna - faking the books (morr)
09 | the thermals - fuckin a (sub pop)
10 | pinback - summer in abbadon (touch and go)
11 | thebrotherkite - s/t (clairecords)
12 | the go find - miami (morr)
13 | darren hanlon - little chills (candle)
14 | numbers - in my mind all the time (tigerbeat 6)
15 | super xx man - my usual way (lelp)
16 | franz ferdinand - s/t (domino)
17 | adem - homesongs (domino)
18 | owen - i do perceive (polyvinyl)
19 | freezepop - fancy ultra-fresh (archenemy)
20 | matt pond pa - emblems (altitude)

+ top singles/eps of 2004+
belle & sebastian - i'm a cuckoo cd-s (rough trade)
belle & sebastian - step into my office, baby cd-s (rough trade)
bright eyes - lua (saddle creek)
bright eyes - take it easy (love nothing) (saddle creek)
death cab for cutie - studio x sessions (itunes)
hood - the lost you (domino)
jurado, damien - just in time for something (secretly canadian)
owen - the e.p. (polyvinyl)
pipas - bitter club (matinee)
rabbits, the - first try (self released)

+ albums that didn't quite make it up there that were also released in 2004 (and might someday take over the space in between my eardrums) +
aveo - battery
bjork - medulla
by divine right - sweet confusion
call and response - winds take no shape
conner, gavin - moving on to a new disaster
get up kids, the - guilt show
guild league, the - inner north
hold steady, the - almost killed me
janovitz, bill and crown victoria - fireworks on tv
kings of convenience - riot on an empty street
legends, the - up against the legends
lerche, sondre - two way monologue
manual & syntaks - golden sun
maritime - glass floor
mono - walking cloud and deep red sky, flag fluttered and the sun shined
mum - summer make good
o'neil, tara jane - you sound, reflect
piebald - all ears, all eyes, all the time
royal city - little heart's ease

+ bands whose first releases i am most looking forward most to in 2005 +
paper cuts (uk)
the crystal skulls

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