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I RESOLVE TO... (aka new year's resolutions y2k5)

take care of myself:
+ continue to read 1-2 books a month
+ buy from from corporations less and independent shops more
+ be more crafty
+ get t-shirts made for m-op (or even make them myself)
+ make a flier for the feb 26th show
+ write more letters
+ get my car's oil changed on time
+ look into volunteering at an animal shelter a few hours a week
+ stop using so many swears (especially around mom - oops!)

be more fit and healthy:
+ exercise at the very least 3 times a week
+ get my 'against demons' or 'lost child' tattoo
+ no longer spread myself too thin between work, love, health, friends
+ make food more healthy and eat out less
+ only eat out once a week during the work week
+ write down what i eat daily in a lil' notebook
+ stop eating so many sweets
+ ONLY drink soda at the movies (seriously, it was getting out of hand a bit)
+ eat less canned/boxed food

manage my cash wisely:
+ be less compulsive with my spending
+ start a savings account that i put at least $50 a paycheck into
+ sell excess stuff on eBay and put the cash into savings
+ keep track of my expenses in a lil' notebook
+ know what's in the cupboards before i go grocery shopping

travel more:
+ re-visit one of the following: boston/amherst, l.a., portland.
+ visit at least two of the following: athens, atlanta, madison, north
carolina, san francisco.
+ get off this continent out of this country at least once: australia, japan, uk, winnipeg

accomplish things i've put off far too long:
+ start a band (finally)
+ write my novel
+ update the make-out party website
+ re-learn silk screening (photo emulsion)
+ start a new zine (reviews, interviews, etc.)

i feel pretty good about this list. i believe that this time round i set realistic goals that i can meet. however, i've decided that because i'm starting all of this goodness in less than a week's time that i am allowed to be a bad girl until then (aka: not going to the gym this entire week). that's my present to myself. wahey!

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