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drawing and drawing conclusions i already knew

paul is absolutely wonderful. at the end of dinner i remembered that he'd agree to let me throw water in his face sometime and i asked if it'd be okay to do so there at think cafe tonight. he agreed so i let him have it! omg. yep, he is the best. it was oh so fun. i'd kind of like to have a fake fight sometime. i said we should do it in city where we don't know anyone. yay!

today and tonight i drew a total of 35 stalks/heads of broccoli while watching the beat (veoted after 30 minutes), american ninja 4 (?), and x2: united (or whatever it's subtitle is). oh. and elf.

blade 3: trinity was SO BAD and filled with so many plot holes, but it was seriously FUN to watch. i think i am currently in the middle of 5 movies now at paul's house, but we keep starting new ones. oh well. i'll finish them someday.

i am going to wash all the elmer's glue off my hands and cash in on some snuggling.

tomorrow is more crafting and movie watching and possibly something else if megan succeeds in dragging me away from said things.
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