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perfect stocking stuffer: jason anderson - "the wreath"

if you're a friend of mine and have read any of my lengthy ramblings about my love of jason anderson and his music and you still have yet to hear him for yourself, really, you should just do yourself a favor and order THE WREATH for yrself for the holidays! it isn't "officially" released until january, so this is a wondrous thing. i am (duh) FAIRLY EXCITED to get it, as his last album, new england, is MY FAVORITE RECORD OF THE YEAR 2004. i tried to write a list the other day on the el and yeah, that album towered above. added to the fact that each of his albums is getting better and better than the one before it, i assure you that this record will be brilliant. anyways, if you're just itching to buy a new record, i'd suggest this one. if you do buy it, let me know what you think.
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