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"so i waited by the phone to hear it ring..."

i just got these developed today and i called laini and showed them to her over IM and now i am sharing them with you...

belle & sebastian in nyc @ hammerstein ballroom:

peppermint light show


stuart + embarrassed dancer he dragged onstage

the ppl who made my weekend fantastic:


sarah (lazyspark)


philly after party @ the mask & wig club:

ding (ceasetoexist), jennifer (kindlygently), bob (chules), + owen (owenm)

ding, jennifer, bob, + owen

ding, jennifer, bob, owen, + me

stuart murdoch + ding

yrs truly + stuart murdoch

stuart murdoch looking sexy + jon favreauesque for laini

i am running late for damien jurado. eeps. i'm leaving!
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