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accomplish-mints! wouldn't it be cool if there were chocolate mints with things off your to do list that you could eat once you accomplished them? speaking of eating: there are boxes in the kitchen with leftovers from the law offices xmas party this weekend and one of them has cereal covered with green stuff with red bits in it and i can't remember what is in that. is it marshmallows? if so, no dice ;( but i truly remember loving that stuff. anyone have any idea what's in it?

this weekend i watched mostly listened to a lot of terrible movies with paul, including wild wild west, death wish 5 (maybe?), shocker, etc. we watched spiderman 2 yesterday, plus i finally got paul to watch the last unicorn. i am now even more dead set on getting my tattoo. other than watching movies, i did accomplish a few of the things i set out to accomplish this weekend including putting up a lot on ebay of 130 of my cds that did not sell at our yard sale or when i brought them to reckless and laurie's planet of sound, going through a box of random papers and sorting through a lot of them, going to depart-ment with megan and her friend sarah (who i have tenatively decided will be the one to cut my hair at robert joffrey because she is a stylist there), and i did laundry. i succeeded in going out both friday and saturday night, though paul said he felt like we were old people, since we left early-ish both nights. i didn't mind one bit.

depart-ment was super crowded, but i ended up buying a clutch from miss alison, a card for niko that combines his two loves, and soap labeled as being lemongrass scent, but smelling exactly like fruit loops cereal!

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