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inspiration surrounds and astounds

for the life of me i couldn't remember the name of the new band yuuki from seldom was in and after some excellent detective work, if i do say so myself, i found it! the crystal skulls! i'm looking forward to the album, though it's kind of too early to get excited about it since it isn't released until march.

man, my stomach has been hurting on and off the past few days. maybe i'm going into turkey withdrawal. also, i've eaten quite a bit of cereal these past few days. hm. tonight through sunday is depart-ment @ open end gallery. who else is going? for those who don't know it's another chicago craft fair (comprised of mostly indie kids), but this one is organized methodically as opposed to randomly, so that all the sweaters are in one place and wristbands are in another. mm! one day i hope to be a part of some of these great craft fairs. this weekend is going to be one of craftiness, as i have got to get making xmas presents. yikes!

also, i've noticed that it has taken me far longer to read this banana yoshimoto book goodbye tsugumi, when i plowed through all of her other books. i believe it's because this is the last one i have left to read. her writing is brilliant. no matter how dark the subject matter may be, she sculpts it into something beautiful that causes some serious soul searching. if you're looking for a book that will really blow you away, i suggest amrita, which was my favorite so far. however, goodbye tsugumi is in the running though. read:

"I suppose this night we're enjoying now, out here on this veranda, will end up tucked away someplace very close to the page for that night when the three of us were young and we just kept walking on and on... The knowledge that as long as I went on living I would always have chances to feel these nights made it possible for me to have hope for the future. Lovely nights like tonight. The wonderful scent of the wind-a fragrance reminiscent of the aura of the mountains and the sea, which weaves slowly, translucently through every little nook and cranny of our town. I knew this night would never be back, but that didn't matter. Just having the possibility, just knowing that I might find myself again in a night like this, in some other summer, was enough to make it perfect."

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