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dressy bessy tammy selling dresses! :)

SO, i following a link from about tammy from dressy bessy selling vintage clothing on ebay and i think i might even bid on one of the dresses (this one). if i continue to slim down, it will work. hee! she models them in her auctions too! so cute! i dunno. it perked up my day.

sunday i saw alfie with liz in evanston. i got my measurements done on monday and found that, although i've only dropped a couple of pounds, most of my other parts have slimmed down. ex: i've dropped 2 inches in the waist. i've continued going to the gym at least 3 times a week, but most weeks i go 4 times. monday night i went with ginny treefort and the visiting tasha i_lack to joy yee's noodle shop, which is and has been one of my favorite restaurants in chicago since i moved here.

i've finally come to a point where i get home from the gym and i actually have energy, as opposed to being exhausted. on tuesday night paul and i went to dinner at rose angelis in celebration of hitting the 6 month mark, only to realize that monday was the actual 6 month mark. oh well. :) anyways, things are good in that camp. he's coming home with me for thanksgiving and i'm super psyched for hang out time with friends and fam. i woke up super early today to go to breakfast with paul, but he ended up deciding he wasn't hungry, so i did some chores i'd been putting off, like folding all of the laundry that was on my bed, putting shoes away, hanging up clothing, tidying up my room, etc. i've still got to organize all the stuff out on the backporch to sell on ebay and then i'm set to paint my room. after i'm done with that i'm going to paint the trim in the kitchen. paul and i have decided that saturday is going to be craft day after i go to the DIY TRUNK SHOW. you should go too!
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