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"when the trip is over, you'll finally have to have always been the one for me..."

purchases/acquisitions made within the last week

+ now! music and fashion +

great lakes - s/t
january - i heard myself in you
muse - the origin of symmetry
promise ring, the - wood/water

+ olssons [free from k] +

gosford park - original motion picture soundtrack
gomez - in our gun
phantom planet - the guest
vermont - calling albany

+ spaceboy music +

birdie - triple echo LP
bright eyes - there is no beginning to the story (12" ep)
bright eyes - there is no beginning to the story (cdep)
candy butchers - play with your head
dashboard confessional - the swiss army romance
heyward, nick - from monday to sunday
janovitz, bill - up here
je suis france - s/t
kind of like spitting - old moon in the arms of the new LP
kingsbury manx, the - restless minds 7"
saloon - freefall 7"
saloon - shopping 7"
saloon - (this is) what we call progress
sarge - distant
yume bitsu - the golden vessyl of sound LP

+ other music +

club 8 - s/t
club 8 - spring came, rain fell
hood - you show no emotion at all (cdep)
kreidler - appearance and the park
mum - green grass of tunnel (cd-s)
v/a - rocketgirl 2 cd set

+ wfmu record fair +

aerialist - s/t (cdep)
dears, the - end of a hollywood bedtime story
emerald down, the - scream the sound
frente! - bizarre love triangle 7"
hindle, james william - s/t
masters of the hemisphere - protest a dark anniversary
memphis - a good day sailing (cdep)
music for mapmakers - .02
slean, sarah - promo sampler
sorry about dresden - te convenience of indecision
sugarcubes, the - stick around for joy
super xx man - vol. iv
viola, mike & the candy butchers - let's get christmas (cdep)
v/a - volume magazine 1
v/a - volume magazine 2
v/a - volume magazine 3
v/a - volume magazine 4
v/a - volume magazine 5
v/a - volume magazine 6

i am going to sleep all day tomorrow/today. sleep the clock around even. gah. i am such a nerd. this was really really really a grand weekend. i spent the weekend with owenm + ceasetoexist + lazyspark and other old faves! i had such a great time and got so little sleep and bought so many cds and a few records. my head is throbbing.

i had been trying to complete my volume magazine collection for about 6 years or so. at the wfmu record fair i found volume 1-6 and bought them all. stupid, yes. i just found them on for cheapola, but they are in my hot little hands now, so i really don't mind at all. this weekend was the perfect way to spend my tax refund and i passed that test with flying colours and then some!

b + s report later. or maybe i'll just link to all those lovely ljers who already posted about it. go read nogoodnik's journal for the philly setlist and whanot.

ps why didn't i buy this super xx man album sooner? it's really good. i have so much new music my eyes are going to fall out! OOH OOH and tonight's damien jurado + pedro the lion! i am super duper excited about seeing damien! it will be my first time seeing him! sigh. i wonder if jeremiah got the package i sent him. speaking of packages, for my bday on friday, here are some things i would like. you're not obligated or nuffin, but if you're feeling sinister[ly] charitable, go ahead. make my 23rd!

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