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Departing Flight Information
Friday, November 5, 2004
Departs Chicago- Ohare Intl (ORD): 5:41 PM
Arrives Boston- Logan Intl (BOS): 8:58 PM
Flight 782
2h 17m, 858 mi

Returning Flight Information
Sunday, November 7, 2004
Departs Boston- Logan Intl (BOS): 6:55 AM
Arrives Chicago- Ohare Intl (ORD): 8:44 AM
Flight 1629
2h 49m, 858 mi

in celebration of paul and i being together for 6 months, we're going to boston! however, each of us have our own agendas. he's going to be hanging out with his friend phil and i'm going to be seeing miss leslie and trying to meet as many of my lj friends as possible, including one miss jessikah kitteny, renee bunnysuit, and djswifty. i have no idea who is going to be around. this was a very last minute idea and i pricelined to get my ticket, which is why i am coming back sunday at 6:55am! sad, sad. anyways, this will most likely be the first of a few trips up there, since i do love me some leslie and she'll be there 'til she moves here in march (keeping my fingers crossed since this vegetarian co-op house she's moving into in amherst sounds like a leslie dream, even though here in chicago we are more awesome and all of my friends loved her. i just added another person to the list of people who thought she was totally awesome).

there are a few ideas for what to do other than just seeing friends:

friday: get in late o'clock. paul and phil will pick me up from logan airport and we'll most likely hang out around there, get some grub?

saturday: phil will drive me back to the airport, where i will pick up my rental car, which i'm a little freaked out about, because i've only had a rental car once before and in a place i was very familiar with. i will take that rental car out and go see friends. that night the popfest is going on in northampton, and although i'd love to see that bill (snow fairies, my favorite), i just found out that jason anderson is playing a show in palmer, ma, which is 45 minutes from amherst. ANYWAYS, you probably know by now that in my book jason anderson trumps all other shows simply because he exudes this warmth to everyone in the room. honestly, that's the show i want to see. it's with thanksgiving at a place called the shed at 52 fuller road. anyways, anyone in or around the MA area, please get in touch asap because i'd like to plan my trip out. btw, i plan on staying up all night and going straight to the airport so i see as many people and do as many things as possible.
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