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a week of leigh

wednesday: i saw i heart huckabees with adam whoisadam and jenny hellojenny at piper's alley.

thursday: i can't remember what i did. i think this was the night paul came over and we were going to meet up with jenny and adam and ginny and dave and co. at letitzia's, but we ended up just crashing super early, which was nice. yep, that's what happened then.

friday: i stayed at work until 6:30 putting 2 hole punch holes in a motion and copies of that motion that had to go out on monday morning. i took a cab straight from work to lemmings to meet paul, geoff, and brian. emily and joy came later. i had a break down and started crying at the bar over nothing, because at the moment everything seemed so overwhelming. the fact that i drank two drinks before eating probably contributed to my terrible mood.

saturday:i went to IKEA with liz girlvii and ginny treefort. we ate at california pizza kitchen before driving back to chi-town and dropping ginny off. liz and i continued to bed bath and beyond, and them to the container store, which me & my ocd anal retentive self fell in love with. then we went to see stage beauty at piper's alley. i loved having a day with liz. it's really awesome to have another indie pop fangirl (& her ipod) in my life (& car). after dropping her off, i went straight to the abbey pub to pick up a miss stephanie and we came back and talked and then both of us crashed.

sunday: stephanie and i met paul at leo's for breakfast, but then realized we wouldn't have enough time to eat and drop stephanie off at the station, so we dropped her off at union station and came back and ate. then i put the curtains we bought at IKEA up and then went to see an early afternoon showing of team america: world police with paul, geoff, and joy. there were 4 other people in the theatre; a group of three 20 somethings and a man in his 50's who did not laugh once during the movie. i did laundry and we watched runaway jury.

monday: paul came over and helped me put up my curtains and a clothing hanger on the back of my door. emily came over and brought me ice cream from cold stone creamery and the three of us talked about watching a movie and then realized it was already 11. i stayed up and sorted out some more things in my room.

tuesday: while at work i took one of the elevators downstairs and inhaled, smelling the distinct smell of pot. i told the man working the front desk (who might be something like the building manager since he's alrways running around doing many things) and he said that they'd also had complaints of someone doing it in the stairwell and that they were trying to stop it from happening. ha! i came home after the gym and made dinner and ginny and i watched the end of 'veronica mars', which is a really awesome television show. as you might have noticed, i've really been in a movie mood lately, so i went to city north for $5 tuesday with joy and we had originally planned on seeing final cut, but ended up seeing shaun of the dead when the boyfriend of esther (the girl who did my fork tattoo) told us to see that. i heart $5 tuesdays! i got back at midnight and ginny and dave were headed to innertown and asked me along. i decided to go and it was as if they were playing 'now that's what i call indie rock!' on the jukebox, so it was good that i dropped by. dave is a really cool kid and should get a livejournal, so you could see how nerdy he is about music too.

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