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things around my house...

i saw this on a few posts on my friends list and thought it would be fun to do! :)

Think of 3 pictures you'd like to see. Things around my house, or whatever. Something I can take a picture of easily! Have fun, and once I've gathered up all the requests, I'll make a post of the ones I manage to get a picture of.

last night i skipped the fly pan am/mono/time out drawer show because 1) i was in the mood for a movie. 2) my room is still a mess. 3) i spent money i really didn't have this weekend. 4) the last time i saw mono and the last time i saw fly pan am, each show was GREAT and i really don't know if either band could have been as amazing this time 'round. meh! so instead of a movie or a show, i stayed in, made pasta and ate it with ginny and then paul came over and we worked on rearranging my room with the new dresser. wahey! so, at least it's partly done now. i still need to figure out my closet arrangement and what i'm going to do about it, but as paul pointed out, there's really not much left to be done in my room compared to before when it was unbearable to even be in there for 5 minutes.

tomorrow night is hayden. i am pretty darn psyched! i am actually missing dcfc to see him, but that's alright, since i haven't seen hayden in a long while. oh, hayden.

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