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taboo tee shirt practices

owen just came out wearing a b&s tee shirt. i started giggling and told him in the states it was sort of taboo to wear the band tee shirt of the band yr going to see! he was floored! ha! he just went back into the guest room. i don't know if it was so he could change or what.

yesterday was a day filled with:

now! music and fashion
crisp n juicy
walking around g-town promoting seafood
las tapas [mmm]
flamenco dancers
convincing ding [ceasetoexist] to come in laini's place for the trip [YAY]
29 diner [formerly tastee 29 + love of my life]
watching my tape of b&s on conan

mmhmm. i think my favourite quote of the day came from our waitress at tastees [which will always and forever be called tastees] when i asked her what her tattoo was of and she said "Oh, it says my first ex-husband's name". HA!

now for a few piccies. then we're off!

ps owen's changed into a saloon tee shirt instead! hee!

pss we are staying in christa thanks VERY MUCH to the lovely christa [nogoodnik]
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