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another survey, because i have plenty to say

seven things i love
1. getting mixtapes in the mail
2. the sizzle sound that water makes when it hits a hot pan
3. sleeping in/naps
4. paul's skin
5. finding a new favorite restaurant
6. jeans that fit me properly
7. hugs from loved ones

seven things you dislike
1. falling out of touch with people who used to be my everything
2. the smell of tuna fish or garbage
3. spiders and silverfish
4. inconsiderate smokers
5. being pinched
6. missing my train by 5 seconds
7. people talking while at a table with other people while in a restaurant (i've done this myself, but i'm going to stop)

seven things in your room

1. three huge piles of clothes on hangers that has nowhere to go at the moment
2. a beautiful art deco armoire i got off craigslist for half of what it's worth
3. a laptop table that works so i can work in bed because there is no room for a desk
4. all of my records since i haven't put them in the main room since we don't have curtains yet
5. a pink sunshine doll that nancy gave me
6. two rolling drawers to store stuff underneath my bed
7. a box of cds i haven't cataloged yet

seven things to do before death
1. write a novel
2. actually start a band that plays a couple of shows
3. touch my toes to earth on every continent
4. get the other tattoos i have planned out
5. track down my birth mother, maybe
6. open/manage a venue or record store
7. marry for love

seven things you can do
1. make awesome mixtapes & mix cds
2. name all of the people i've ever kissed
3. plan/execute really fun events
4. organize/catalog my music collection, show lists, etc.
5. write backwards & upside down
6. spend money i don't have
7. cuddle & kiss

seven things you can't do
1. read in cars without getting a massive headache
2. make sauces (but hopefully i'll figure that out soon)
3. ride my bicycle with no hands
4. part with certain cds that hold nostalgia for me
5. watch realistic films about war
6. knit or crochet (but, we're supposed to start a craft night soon, so there is hope)
7. write an lj entry without at least one set of parenthesis

seven movies you love
1. the last unicorn
2. amelie
3. uhf
4. meeting people is easy
5. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
6. princess mononoke
7. love & sex

seven things you say the most
1. "i'm going to a show at (insert random venue here."
2. and then a smattering of "swears" and sounds that sound like stitch said them
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