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Fun Question Survey (Again)

1. Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. You'll update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

questions from dany conart

1. The November elections are right around the corner. Do you care? Who are you voting for, and why? Yes, I care. I was never a zealot for politics, however I know a bad President when I see one. I'm voting for Kerry out of our sheer need to remove Bush from the White House. Early on, I was keen on Dean, but since he's out, we all need to work together and vote Bush out of office.

2. Compare and contrast WDC and Chicago. Why did you move? What do you like about Chicago? DC vs. CHI: Chicago has at least 50% more venues than DC has, 50% more record stores, and 75% more hipsters to inhabit the city, drink pbr and NOT DANCE. Chicago is not as close to major cities as DC is. Milwaukee is 1.5 hours away. Minneapolis is 6 hours away. Madison is 2 hours away and Grand Rapids is 3 hours away, I've been told. Public transport here is pretty good. The el map is as easy to follow as the Metro in DC. I ride the el every morning to and from work. Fewer of my friends have cars here. I've even considered selling mine, but I enjoy road trips far too much. Per capita, I think that more people here are self obsessed than in DC, though I feel very lucky that I've found and continue to find even more amazing friends. Another thing I love about Chicago is that shows generally start on time here, which is something the smaller clubs in DC never figured out (though the Black Cat has become infinitely better the past couple of years). I forgot to answer why I moved: I moved mostly for the reason far too many people move: for a relationship. Eric broke up with me 2 months into my lease. The other reasons I moved here were noble: to find a job in the music business, to gain independence, and to meet new people and improve myself. I'm very glad that I stuck it out in the long run, because I was considering moving back after the break up. I really can't see what would have happened if I'd done that.

3. Since being in Chicago, have picked up on any local traditions or festivals? As far as I know, I haven't picked up any local traditions and started doing them. People drink Pabst like there's no tomorrow, smoke everywhere, and follow the drink specials around each week; things that tend to happen in big cities. Actually, that last one I have taken part in before though. I go to PANIC once in awhile (these days, I used to go a lot more) @ Smart Bar on Wednesdays. My friends all go to Punk Rock Mondays @ Delilah's, but seeing as I never really appreciated punk rock, I don't really enjoy being at a smoky bar playing punk rock, when I can be down the street at Innertown (jukebox/open mic) or Club Foot (djs) listening to good music and drinking, or going to Rainbo to hipsterwatch, or just going to our neighborhood dive bar, the Happy Village, which has both cheap drinks and nice bartenders. Last night I went to Delilah's for only the second time because my friends follow the drink specials ($1 Americans, and $2 Jim Beam drinks) around and I wanted to see them.

4. I remember reading somewhere that your parents were going to visit Chicago soon. When are they going? What are you going to do with them? My parents are coming into town from the 8th-11th of October. My dad hasn't been in here in some 20 odd years and my mom has never been here, so it'll be a treat showing them around. I plan on introducing them to all of my friends, taking them to some of my favorite places, going out to dinner with them and Paul (boyfriend), as well as some touristy sight seeing stuff. I actually haven't really seen too many of the "famous" places here, at least not in a number of years when I first came to visit my friend Dustin. I'm taking off work, so I'll be able to actually spend some good quality time with them.

5. Suppose you could have someone bring you lunch at work everyday. Who would that person be? What would the lunch be? Would it change everyday? Food is one of my favorite things in the world. I don't know actually who it would be. I think it would be an animal actually delivering my food, possibly a kangaroo so it can carry the food in its' pouch (and keep it warm). I'd like something new every day. I think I'd like whatever it is to be wrapped mysteriously, so I'd open it and be surprised, though I'd probably die if it was something I don't eat. So, to clarify, I'd like the kangaroo to bring me food every day at noon time that was Leigh friendly: ie. no red meat/seafood/items made with gelatin. Wahey! Sounds like a dream!

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