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SURVEY: saw it on beth b's journal, figured i'd do it.

The \\
Last Cigarette:never ever
Last Alcoholic Drink:whiskey & coke 2 nights ago at inner town
Last Car Ride:last night from inner town to park closer to my house
Last Kiss:last night when paul left
Last Good Cry:good cry? it's been awhile. bad cries = more frequent
Last Library Book:something about crocheting - back in VA
Last book bought:notes from a small island
Last Book Read:see above
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:little black book
Last Movie Rented:goodbye lenin (which i didn't get to watch)
Last Cuss Word Uttered:fuck, probably
Last Beverage Drank:aquafina water
Last Food Consumed:a squeezable yogurt - jewel brand
Last Crush:jason anderson?
Last Phone Call:earlier today to paul to figure out when 'the princess bride' is
Last TV Show Watched:something on h&g or tlc
Last Time Showered:7:45 am
Last Shoes Worn:size 10 black leather nine west with tiny white stitching
Last CD Played:tilly and the wall mp3s & other assorted bands
Last Item Bought:a forest spirit pin off ebay!
Last Download:
Last Annoyance:having a stomach ache
Last Disappointment:looking at my checkbook
Last Soda Drank:coca cola
Last Thing Written:vin # on my left hand so i remember to look that up
Last Key Used:to open my door when i came home last night
Last Words Spoken:?
Last Sleep:2:00ish - 7:40am
Last Ice Cream Eaten:ice cream sandwich edy's brand
Last Chair Sat In:office chair
Last Webpage Visited:gmail


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