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scraping off fresh pain(-t).

this morning after dropping paul at the L, i was parallel parking and a scraped the side of a car on my street. well, it turns out that this particular car was a sports car of some type, having a tiny italian flag in its' logo. a woman across the street saw me do it which made it double important to leave a note. honestly, i don't know if i would have if she hadn't seen me because, literally, there was only a faint inch long scratch and there were other dings on this car. everyone please cross your fingers that he doesn't even bother calling me back.

walking on the blue line division platform this morning, i saw a number of signs citing 'FRESH PAINT'. on one of them someone had ripped the T off of the end, so it said 'FRESH PAIN' and i found that profoundly interesting. maybe the car i hit was speaking to me?

in other completely unrelated news, if anyone wants to switch over to t-mobile, let me know because if i refer you, i get a bonus and I NEED A BREAK on my phone bill and t-mobile is mostly awesome. i've been with them for years now. they seriously have the best customer service that exists. anyways, i guess that's really important to me.
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