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"your happiness will never be denied, faith children, despite all of the tears you may have cried."

i know, i know. i really shouldn't let things like anonymous people disrespecting my song bring me down in the slightest, but i can't help it. i have a few theories as to who it is, but i have no proof whatsoever. i thought it was the same person who commented anonymously here on 'you'll never be my 95', but the more recent comment seems more vindicitive than the first comment. in any case, i know that i am putting myself out there and i should be able to toughen up and take the criticism, but that comment was just spiteful. it's true. it makes me want to try harder to write an even better song, but you know what? i am really proud of 'forgotten formats' and i look forward to writing more with gavin down the line. fuck anonymity. honestly, your opinion is meaningless to me if you're not prepared to show yourself.
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