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"something's coming up in her garden, she's been talking that flower jargon..."

inspired by lalalaini, i've decided to compile either a mixtape or a mixtape of songs about flowers. the only real criteria is that flow[e]rs are mentioned in the song at least once really. yea i know, it's pretty broad cos how many songs are about roses? ha! so far, i've got:

flower jargon - dressy bessy
stem - hayden
dc song - aden ["you steal me flowers from the white house lawn"]

i think i exhausted my skills last night when i looked up songs to go on laini's mix of songs that have numbers in the title. or something like that. anyways, SO, now i need you lovely kids help for my own mix! purr lease?

ps dressy bessy recently put up photos of their entire tour with deathray davies. you can see them here! the cute boy i saw at the dc show was, sadly, not in any of the photos. sigh. then again, neither was i. sigh times two. i can see bo + lili in one of the shots tho!
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