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a week in the life of a (mostly) unemployed and non-linear story-teller

well, a lot has happened lately, but let's try to sum it up, shall we? here goes:

+ my bday party/potluck on the 16th was awesome. it's taken some time, but i really feel like i have finally made some amazing friends here in chicago. my friend michael concept_engine even wrote an awesome song for me for my birthday!

+ i went to go see sloan with paul b. and it was a lot of fun. i really need the new album, since the majority of the stuff they played was off it. man, people were singing along like crazy! there was a mulleted couple (okay, well a mullet & a shemullet) rocking out near us on the balcony. pogo was glowing he was so happy. good times.

+ john masters has been putting together the benefit for now! music and fashion on june 12, which is the number one reason i am coming back. the website is here and should be updated as bands are added. basically, if you miss the show, you'll be missing out on an end of an era. insert sad face here.

+ i went to see envy with michael and ginny treefort a week ago and while it sucked, christopher walken made it worth my $5 when he said " HOOTY OWLS " . i'm sure it doesn't translate well on the screen, but believe you me, IT WAS FUNNY...okay okay, so i was the ONLY ONE WHO LAUGHED IN THE ENTIRE THEATRE WHEN HE SAID THAT, BUT WHATEVER.

+ karyn (it is always karyn and not karen to me) was in town last wednesday and michael and her and i danced and drank it up at panic. WHO IS UP FOR GOING TOMORROW?

+ paul's phone rings a lot. i wonder if he's trying to call me at his house. ah-ha! as i was typing this, i got a text that said 'please page (paul's work #)'. mmhmm. i feel all domesticated and shit.

+ on thursday night jason took me out for a belated bday dinner to pizza capri. afterwards, i dropped by paul b.'s house pre-thunderstorm. i was going to attempt walking home (some number of miles), but it started POURING, so i found a cab and took it back home and then drove to paul's house. later that night paul got a phone call from his 'rents saying they had been in a really bad car accident (but weren't seriously hurt) on the way home to rochester. he dropped everything and went home this weekend to see them. i admire him so much for caring so deeply for his family. i don't think i've really said it here, but he really is some kind of awesome.

+ i have taken a lot of photos lately, but i haven't uploaded any of them. oh, you don't even know what you are in for.

+ friday i went to this experimental electronic show at the open end gallery with paul b., michael, brandy, adam, and karen (jenny's cousin). my friend and friendster andy was performing before leaving for cali for good, so i wanted to go out and support him and say goodbye. it was a really interesting set up they had there. the space itself is really nice, but the sound was kind of muffled if you stood in certain places and too loud if you stood in other places. brandy left a bit into andy's set. the rest of us went to club foot and tamale guy found me (yay!) and len and his friend met us up there. as club foot was closing up, i tried to entice the kids to go to another bar and failed, so i walked home alone and ginny called me two seconds after i had stripped off into sleepwear and asked me to go to rainbo. i turned her down since earlier in the night i'd gone to pizza capri (yes, again) or maybe that was another day. my timeline is an absolute mess. actually, i think pizza capri was saturday night.

+ saturday morning i went to the wicker park yard sale with ginny mostly and erin (roomie) a lil'. it was excellent and you betcha i'll be showing off all the stuff i got.

+ oh yeah, that job i talked about that i had the interview for last wednesday...i trained on friday. i worked on saturday. i worked on sunday afternoon. i quit sunday night. more on that later. i have a job interview on thursday for an internship at something i saw posted on the reader. anyhow, i just need to start getting some kind of income (and how).

+ i cannot wait to see leslie _protocol and alex gardenhead once i'm home. sweet home alexandria. chicago is starting to feel more like home though.

+ paul's friends are awesome. i really feel accepted and i feel like they get along well with my friends and that just everything is good on that front. on sunday night i went to see the thermals/the hold steady with michael and i saw a few people i knew there, including, miss stephanie & mr. vold thefuckingvold and some people i met at paul's party. the thermals were so fucking great. omg. seriously, they are so awesome and the new album is possibly even better than their first one. the only qualm i had with the show was that they took these breaks to tune. THE THERMALS SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT TUNING. the first two times i saw them their performances were so fluid. i might be spoiled since the first time was at charm city artspace in baltimore and they only had something like 12 minutes to play and they fucking TORE SHIT UP in front of like 10 kids and it was beautiful and laini and i had the best time. that is one of my favorite memories.

+ after the thermals show, i said bye to stephanie and then michael and i went to golden angel and brendan (one of paul's friends, now a friend of mine) met us up there. i got cinnamon toast, 2 scrambled eggs, and brendan's cream of chicken soup. michael had to work in the morning, but brendan works nights, so he was up for going out again. he suggested estelle's and i suggested bike riding. we combined these two ideas and i parked my car. i went to my backyard and realized that paul's bike had been stolen (he didn't lock it to my bike, he just propped it up against mine). SO, i rode my bike and brendan jogged to his house so we could get his bike. he lives a couple of blocks away. then we rode to estelle's, had some drinks, talked some talk, and then semi-drunkenly rode back home. i kind of fucked up my ankle actually due to my being a tad intoxicated. it sucked actually, but i made it home. now it feels okay.

+ i went to the handlebar (on north) with ginny on sunday and i loved it. it was just great, all vegetarian fare (except for fish) and our waiter was nice and yeah. i just love going to new restaurants. could i get paid to be a food critic who just reviews vegetarian or poultry entrees at restaurants? that would be the life.

+ someone needs to hire me soon so i can stop writing ridiculous rambly once-a-week posts like this. i think i'm going to go buy some foodstuffs so i can make dinner tonight for me and the paul.

+ stephanie called in to work yesterday so i got to hang out with her in the afternoon. it was love. we got to play catch up. we went to zen noodles and FUCK, i talked to shawn later yesterday and found out that what i had was made with fish sauce. omg. typing that, i want to throw up. yeah. afterwards, stephanie and i came back and i just had to take a nap ("if i don't die or worse, i'm gonna need a nap"), so i took a lil' one and then we went to happy village (slogan: "the happiest bar in east village"> and ginny met us over there. it was all women there. on a monday afternoon. it was awesome. i had two whiskey and cokes and then we went back to my house to get stephanie's stuff and then ginny and i brought some of my drink making stuff over to her house where we made brownies, drank amaretto sours, and watched the 'making of' and the film 'dracula: notes from a virgin's diary'. i'm sure ginny will post the real name of it, so i won't even bother to research now. anyhow, it was the same director as 'the saddest music in the world' and meh, i'm just not super impressed. i mean, it's alright, but i just think there is a long list of films i would rather spend my time watching (like '13 going on 30' even).

+ my stomach is growling loudly right now, so i should make like a tree and leave. yeah, it's 3:15 and i have yet to eat a meal.

+ oh yeah, duh, so paul got back last night from new york (not city) and we dropped by his friend emily's to give jaime's dog, timber, these presents paul had got for him and then went back and got our smooch on. :O

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