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breakfast with boy(s)

it's been said that wheatie's is the breakfast of champions. well, i made breakfast for two boys this morning and it was definitely not the breakfast of champions, as it did not include wheatie's, but rather eggs and eggs alone and i brought over the eggs. seriously, BOYS HAVE NOTHING IN THEIR FRIDGES EVER. however, these boys DO have a headless butter lamb, which i decapitated a few weeks back.

i really like breakfast with the boy. on wednesday, paul came over a bit before 8 and we went to leo's and met up with his roommate geoff (the other boy who i fed this morning), where we talked to the waitress for ages and ate good eats. then we walked and split up when he stayed kept going east on division and i turned onto paulina, where i went home and napped. after hearing something recently about mono, i really wonder whether or not i might have it. sure, i stay up late, but i mean, i'm tired all the time, my muscles ache, and i really feel usesless without a mid-day nap.

today, after one mighty nap, i had a lunch of champions, consisting of two flavor ices, one stick of big red, a glass of orange juice, and two eggo fruit loops waffles, which were REALLY FUCKING STRANGE. i called cera this morning and she still has yet to call me back. yarg. i think she might also be pissed about me not going to panic on wednesday. in lieu of going, michael and got together and he tried coaxing me to sing, which only gavin and alcohol have succeeded in doing thus far. this is quite sad, since michael and i already have delusions of grandeur...

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