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i'd like feedback from you kids. i've given you feedback in the past, so now it's yr turn! i'll be putting up things there as i get to them. who knows how long it will be until i get to do anything like this again? the first and only song up there ('you'll never be my 95') right now is the song i worked on with gavin on monday. we drank lemonade and gin and then he started playing guitar and i sketched out some lyrics and a couple of hours and one more drink later, we had the song.

you'll never be my 95

a day's drive
with the windows down
passing windmills
and nearly passing out.

i see my new skyline
off in the distance
and i take a deep breath
and cross my fingers.

the east coast seems so far away
sure, we have a lake.
this highways spans the midwestern map.
you'll never be my 95.

i miss my old sunsets
the sweet dc sky
my phonebills are higher
since i waved goodbye.

the windy city swept me away
but, darlin', don't you worry
my heart never strayed.


go hear leigh (+gavin): my old sunsets.

psst. gavin's website: here.
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