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baby's very first tattoo

okay, so you can see, i finally got it! it was awesome, even though len and i got a late start. we arrived at adambomb and adam talked over the tattoo with me and showed me the his drawing. we blended his idea and
miss manda's idea to make one radical cassette tape and then he set to work on it while sondre lerche - faces down played on the stereo! it actually was a lot less painful than i had imagined it would be. it's unbelievable, but i didn't even cry. honest to goodness, folks! it took about an hour tops and adam and len were good conversationalists, so it made the time go by quickly. i walked out of there feeling giddy like a schoolgirl and len and i treated ourselves to big burritos at qdoba then came back home to chi-town. i tried to get my pack on (since i leave my house in a handful of hours) but i got distracted taking photos and sending them to friends over aim. anyways, i'm just really happy about everything right now, except for that whole not having a job thing. to sleep or not to sleep? that is the question!
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