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"oh no, they don't give a fuck about anybody else..."

i forgot that it's this time of night that people i actually want to talk to are on. it's so wierd now that i've been on a semi-regular sleep schedule during the week. i just finished cleaning my room. that meant getting the new piece of furniture to house my records into my room, moving the old record house away, disconnecting the tee vee, moving the dresser over some, re-connecting the tee vee, re-alphabetizing my records, taking a few things out of plastic that have never been opened and gazing lovingly at the inserts. the soundtrack for the cleaning process was first superchunk - art class (cd-s), and then requiem for a dream on the tee vee and meisha - meisha returns forever on zee stereo. suprisingly it worked out quite nicely.

i did a count on 12"s [that includes both LP, EP, and 12" singles]. the current count is 261. my 7"s outnumber my 12"s by nearly a 1/3. i've gotta beef up on 12"s. meep. do i hear the sleepee bell ringing? i should go answer it.

SFA on FRIDAY! OWEN in less than a WEEK! i feel my luck could change?
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