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IRBC - first meeting in review

the first meeting of the indie rock book club was a success! we had a great turnout. i think everyone brought food and/or a drink. len made sushi. i made guacamole and brownies (not meant to be combined). a girl named amy brought chocolate dipped strawberries! someone else made salsa. there was wine. there was some imbibing taking place. i drank half a bottle of a far too fruity riesling. anyhow, the whole meet up lasted around 3 hours and clean up was pretty quick, so it was totally worth having it at our place. i'm glad that we all met up before jumping into reading. we've decided on a book, but honestly, i can't remember the name of the book for the life of me. oops! i'm supposed to post to the IRBC about it today.

last night i took sleeping pills and hit the hay around 12:30 and woke up at 7:15 and "slept in" until 8:00 and got here at 8:25. i just added up my hours worked this week and i'm already at 34.25, so i am considering leaving when i hit 40 hours and just not even bothering with the overtime. i think i've mentioned this before, but i am very unhappy here. it seems like a nice day outside and i'd just really like to ride my bike. speaking of which, i need a bike helmet, but i haven't found one that i like yet. plus, there's that whole being broke thing going on.

sorry to everyone who was fooled by my april fool's joke yesterday. yeah, it was mean, but i'm still super nice --- i swear!

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