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i didn't even see jeffy's post about this, but... HOLY CRAP! i'm totally there! RANDOM NUMBER! I AM ROBOT AND PROUD! MEDIUM (JEFF)! SOLOFI (RICH)! HECK! i picked awesome days to come home. seriously.

even more awesome: it's all done. NEXT THURSDAY IS MY LAST DAY AT PLS! YAY! the temp agency says that they'll try to find me something to start when i stop working here, but there is no guarantee. if i don't get another job fairly soon after that, this pretty much means now i HAVE to sell my car, since i will not be able to pay all of my bills unless i get another job straight away.

i just posted this on friendster, so make sure you read it (if you want to know my itinerary...feel free to join me at any of these events. i would absolutely LOVE to see you. CALL OR TEXT MESSAGE ME IF YOU'D LIKE TO CHILL. on my userinfo paeg, you can send me a text message. my school email is now officially dead, so...i've switched to sleep underscore spent at at at uh huh!

+ plans thus far +

O saturday, 10 apr: nothing cemented. possibly tax help from dad. honolulu's last day in business - who's up for a long morning of drinking starting when i get back (thanks for reminding me alison)? also, does anyone want to be our DD?
O sunday, 11 apr: morning - easter stuff with family unit. night - OPEN MINI-JAX ALL STARS featuring RANDOM NUMBER, I AM ROBOT AND PROUD, ETC.
O monday, 12 apr: pinback/american analog set @ black cat
O tuesday, 13 apr: tuesday night teevee @ alex's house byovf/b (bring your own vegan food/beverage)
O wednesday, 14 apr: i'm going back to chicago in the morning by way of baltimore. le sigh. i guess i shouldn't be that bummed out since that night is hayden opening for sarah harmer and i do love hayden, so...:)

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