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if you still trade bootlegs or even know anyone who still does and has a large number of them, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease look at or tell them to look at this post and if they have this bootleg, get in touch with me. the tracklist follows for the best show of my life.

Radiohead @ 9:30 Club

August 12, 1997

[01] Fitter, Happier
[02] Lucky
[03] Just
[04] Airbag
[05] Planet Telex
[06] Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was
[07] Climbing Up The Walls
[08] No Surprises
[09] Bones
[10] Electioneering
[11] Fake Plastic Trees
[12] Paranoid Android
[13] My Iron Lung
[14] Exit Music (for a film)
[15] (Nice Dream)
[16] The Bends
[17] Talk Show Host
[18] Lurgee
[19] Karma Police
[20] Street Spirit (fade out)
[21] Motion Picture Soundtrack
[22] The Tourist
[23] You

honestly, this was the most amazing show of my entire life and i've been trying to find a bootleg of it ever since. i thought i had a lead, but it never came through. there was one guy online called alan from nz, but his site hadn't been updated since 1999. seriously, if anyone comes through with a bootleg of this show i am pretty sure i would shower that person with all the love that i have inside me (that's a lot of love).

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