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buh buh buh buh, this is the sound of (sickness)

i am totally sick. i am all over the place. so much to say. no time to say it. i have a bus to catch, an el to catch, and then a train to catch:

praiseach (8:49:49 AM): Just follow these simple instructions
praiseach (8:49:57 AM): (1) Make 1 gallon of chicken soup
praiseach (8:50:08 AM): (2) Put soup into Thermos flask
praiseach (8:50:20 AM): (3) Go to bed for 3 days and have the odd sip of soup
madflowr (9:06:55 AM): haha
madflowr (9:07:12 AM): okay so you don't think i should go to milwaukee to see dcfc do a radio show?
madflowr (9:07:14 AM): huh?
madflowr (9:07:15 AM): you sure
madflowr (9:07:16 AM): ?
madflowr (9:07:20 AM): cos that's what i
madflowr (9:07:21 AM): 'm doing
praiseach (9:07:30 AM): oh
praiseach (9:07:35 AM): yeah you should go
praiseach (9:07:40 AM): wear a lagging jacket
madflowr (9:09:43 AM): aw
madflowr (9:11:00 AM): what is a lagging jacket?

er... i am also going to mke! eeps!
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